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Get To Know Us

mini blog

Becoming Living Examples

June 16, 2016-SY

Learn how to incorporate the ancient teachings in the Bible into your everyday life.

mini blog

The Power of Meditation

June 23, 2016-SY

Meditation is more than silence and thought learn how to unlock the power of meditation with us.

mini blog

Spiritual Warfare

June 30, 2016-SY

Get the complete understanding of Ephesians 6 Chapter.

mini blog

Overcoming Bad Habits

July 6, 2016-SY

Learn how to truly accept the things you can not change and to change the things that you must..

Failure is only accepted by those who say they tried: Judah Israel - Prophet of the Most High
Our Identity

We are a congregation of sincere-hearted people who through the knowledge and understanding of the Most High and of the Great Savior Yeshua humbly choose to live our lives in servitude - righteously. We are the caretakers of the poor and defenceless, and of the forgotten children of the world. We are the companions of truth and righteousness. We are a relief to the oppressed and a help to the elderly. We are a refuge to widows and to orphans. We are a friend to those in dire need. We are living examples of those who live by faith. We shine not by our own light but by the light of the Father and of the Son that is inside of us. We are counted amongst the patient and the loyal who by all means wait upon the return of the Messiah. We are Children Of The Light (COTL) and we greet you in peace.

Our Faith

Our faith can best be described as established and unwavering. We are in-tune and connected to the Messiah. Our entire lives is saturated and secured in the love of the Son of the Most High. We gratefully give thanks to Him for being the Good Shepard that He is, because we know that without Him we would be lost and dead in spirit. So all that we have and all that we are we give to Him in servitude.

Our Works

Our works stem from our core belief in the sacred and holy scriptures. It can be said that our works is perhaps one of our greates attributes. We do what needs to be done as it is given to us to do by the Holy One Himself.


Our beliefs are gnosis in nature. We believe in the Most High and His Son who is the mighty and perfect Savior and follow in the ways they set for us. We believe in Universal Law and the principle laws and decrees of the faithful Prophets. We believe in being accountable for our actions and taking full responsibility for them as well. We believe that we are not the only creatures in existence and there are other creatures (such as the Holy Angels) who live throughout the universe. We believe in reincarnation. We hope this snippet of our core beliefs is enough to give a at least a general synopsis of where we stand on some points.
Yes we do. We elect to keep the High Holy Days of the Creator, as for worldly and other religious holidays (i.e., Christmas, Easter Kwanza) we do not.
None. We are a faith-based non government and non profit organization that is not affiliated with any religious organizations whatsoever - that being said, we do not discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs and/or affiliations. Our organization is build on our faith and beliefs. COTL Ministries was created to be a mission based institution that is kept with the highest respect and integrity there is.
Yes we do. We refer to them as Fellowships. All fellowships are recorded and uploaded to our website for all to share. Fellowships are held at various locations. Following in the footsteps of the Great Savior, we elected not to have a specific physical [building] location. This allows us to keep our focus on the missions and building our faith.
We do not classify our faith, but if you find it necessary to classify us know that we are a mission based organization so calling us missionaries will not be offensive at all.