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The Fellowship Department is responsible for coordinating each week's fellowship engagements.

Administrative Branch

The administrative branch is responsible for all things related to the organization.


The Acquisitions is responsible for all purchases on behalf of the organization including real estate.

Public relations

Our Public Relations department handles all of the organization's public communications.


The Fundraising department is responsible for planning events for the purpose of raising funds.


Our education department is responsible supervising all of the educational content for our schools.

Retail Outlet

Our retail outlet Department manages all of our online and brick and mortar shops.


The production department handles all of our digital media content and studios.


We offer grants to families and individual for emergencies, personal and economic development.


The legal department is responsible for all of the our domestic and international legal affairs.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department manages all of our personnel and is in charge of hiring and terminations.

Office of the Prophet

The office of the Prophet is responsible for overseeing the operations of the organization.

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