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The Living Prophet Of The Most High

About Me

Who Am I?

Peace be with you and your family. I am Paqach Ban Yahawada Ban Yasharahla. I am a Hebrew born of the tribe of Yahawada (Judah), from the nation of Yasharahla (Israel). I am a Prophet of the Most High; the LIVING GOD of Yasharahla. I am he who the Most High has chosen to deliever His message to the tribes of mankind and to the sons and daughters of Zion. I do not come baring my own message or program. I come baring the message and program of the Most High, the LIVING GOD. I am a man, led by the Spirit which is Holy and which is not a man, and is in fact true and blessed by both the Father who is the Most High, and His righteous and obiendent Son; who is the Messiah; the King of eternal King of Israel. Salah. I am a man who lives by his beliefs a loyal and unwaivering servent of the Most High. As it is written that faith without works is dead so is works not accomplished through love. Therefore, I live as I believe and my beliefs can been through my works, and all of my works which I have been blessed to do are not done by my own will; it is done by through the Holy Will of the Most High by faith. If you want to know more about me, I welcome you to get to know me through fellowship. Ileave you as I greeted you - in peace.